Welcome: Create Space

We all need a space for our voice, for an expression of our creativity.  A place to be ourselves, to tap into our truth.  As when our expression is allowed, by either the world around us or by the voice within, we flow in rhythm, in sync with our true nature, connected deeply to our strengths and aware consciously of the challenges we face.  Without the room to do the work, it will never be done as the work of self exploration and expression is dirty.  We must dig deep into the raw and vulnerable parts of ourselves to unearth, to uncover the true nature that is the genuine self.  And so, the space must be made to do the work.

However to make space, we have to make room, clear out, clean out, and separate ourselves from our junk.  But no one wants to see their junk so we stash it away and pile more on top, making it harder and harder to remove.  Consequently, we start to develop a need for the piles in an effort to keep hiding all of the crap.  But as the pile grows, the mess becomes more and more difficult to face.  

And yet, all we must do is create some form of space, even the tiniest little bit will do so that the work can begin.  I've heard it said, "Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tiptoe if you must, but take a step."  Start small or start big, just start to make the space you know that you need.  Deep down there's an awareness, expressing itself to you as either a whisper or a scream.  You know where you need to start, what needs to be cleared out, what needs to end, what needs to begin.  Start small, start big, just start.

Welcome to my space.  It's so good to have you here.