3 Exercises to Strengthen Self Power

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that has a little obsession with Deepak Chopra, well him and Brene Brown, I mean, they’re both pretty great. It was no surprise that when researching my most recent Insta post on increasing self-confidence that it was one of Deepak’s lessons that spoke to me.

He speaks of the difference between Self Referral or Self Power and Object Referral or False Power, the idea that when our identity comes from things outside of ourselves we lose the power that naturally comes from within. I like to think of the power he describes as wisdom and that when we’re grounded in that wisdom we are informed and empowered by it rather than relying on a false and often times skewed interpretation of what we think the world wants from us.

We’re social creatures and are used to caring what the world thinks about us, even when we know it shouldn’t matter. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we have to admit that sometimes we do. AND we’re creatures of habit so it’s a tendency that can be a bit hard to break. That’s why Chopra’s 3 practices for increasing Self Power below are so important. Try one, or try all three. Commit to using them regularly over the next couple of weeks to start to form a new familiar pathway of self versus object referral.

  1. Mirror Gazing- Find your own eyes in the mirror and repeat the following three principals of Self Referral: “I am totally independent from the opinion of others”. “I am beneath no one and superior to no one”. “I am fearless in the face of any and all challenges”. Follow the three statements with an anchor mantra such as “I am” or “So Hum” or “Ah Hum”.

  2. Tune into the World- Take a conscious moment to pause and tune into your current experience. Use the senses to explore with full attention.

  3. Acknowledge the connection or spirit in others when you make eye contact with someone. You can even think to yourself, “Namaste”. This practice is done internally and via eye contact.

I hope you enjoy the practices included here and please report back in the comments below.

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