Venturing into Hashimotos

Just over 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease, an autoimmune disorder that has led to hypothyroidism or under active thyroid. The symptoms include significant fatigue, sluggishness, sleep disruption, unexpected weight gain, sensitivity to cold, depression, muscle fatigue and pain. 

Many of these symptoms I’ve had for over a year now and I’ll tell you what, I wrote most of them off as a result of stress and an exceptionally active lifestyle (it's a bit amazing what we’ll ignore when the mind tells us it’s just us doing it wrong, being weak. “Suck it up!”) So I kept pushing through, exhausted, more and more each day. 

It wasn’t until a couple of friends had completed a Functional Medicine Assessment and received some pretty interesting results that out of curiosity I decided to see if there wasn’t an underlying cause to my symptoms...I booked my appointment at Green Circle Wellness and back came my results. 

To be totally honest I’m actually relieved to have the diagnosis. Yes, the symptoms are a pain in the butt but I have a course of treatment now, something I can do to alleviate the symptoms and kick this thing once and for all...something I plan to do. 

So I eat the foods that heal me and try to avoid the ones that don’t. I talk to myself everyday to develop a new relationship with my body, one that is loving and compassionate and honors recovery and engaging in gentle exercise and movement. This. Is. A. Challenge. 

I crave a good sweat, an ass kicking every single day. I love how I feel right after a great workout...I hate how I feel 30 minutes after...when, I’m so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. This is SO counter-intuitive but the impact is now impossible to ignore. 

So I’ve changed from HIIT to lower impact workouts and am taking walks with Sammy J and my friends. I’m getting back to a home practice of yoga and am doing my best to be still. And it’s stillness where the challenges are the greatest. 

What may sound like a dream for some, staying in, reading, down and alone time have proven to be bit of a challenge, a learning curve no doubt. One day, one inactivity at a time. 

This is new to me, I’m learning more everyday. And it is the support from you, loved ones, family, friends, clients, students alike, that inspires and educates me, probably more than you know. Thanks to all of the people who have sent resources, articles, books, favorite Insta accounts, I’m so grateful for all of that info...I’m a bit of a resource junkie so please keep them coming! I’ll be posting more of my experiences here and to my Insta feed and stories, hopeful to continue a dialogue on the importance of listening to our bodies and always advocating for a living a life that allows us to be and to feel our very best.