Gratitide: An abundance practice

In Thailand, on the beautiful little island of Koh Pha Ngan, I was taught to pray. Rather than asking, “please keep my friends and family healthy and safe” which passively assumes that they are or will come into harms way, we were instead taught to give thanks for the existence of what we desire, “thank you for keeping my friends and family safe”. The night before last I attended a full moon meditation led by @chillbabealma She shared that this harvest moon is about abundance, however if we seek to obtain abundance we must first express gratitude for what we have. This brought me right back to the practice I had learned in Thailand.

In pursuing our dreams, too often and without recognition we allow fear to take up the space of potential. Preparing for the worst, we cling to the “what if’s” which not only causes stress but bends the mind toward limitation.

Like so many skills, training the mind to see potential rather than limitation requires practice, and the practice of gratitude is an excellent place to start. This can be done in many ways...keeping a gratitude journal (I love the five minute journal), pausing and using the senses to acknowledge and appreciate the present moment, and a practice that Alma shared, writing the alphabet in the left hand column of a piece of paper and writing one thing you’re grateful for that starts with each letter.

By committing to a conscious practice of gratitude we have the potential to bring a bit more abundance into our lives...and who doesn’t want that?!

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