Brahmacharya: The practice of "right use of energy"

Brahmacharya is the yogic practice of ‘right use of energy’. It is the understanding that the choices we make, the thoughts we have, and the activities we engage in can do one of two things, bring us closer or further away from an enlightened state or as the Hindi’s would say to Brahma or god.

When we tell ourselves hurtful things, when we engage in practices that exhaust the true nature of the self we cause harm, and when we cause harm we disrupt peace, a state I consider the modern day version of enlightenment.

For far too long I’ve had a poor relationship with my belly. Angry with the confusing bloat, annoyed with the way my clothes would fit, curious how I could feel fit and yet “fluffy” at the same time. And then came the health concerns that took my bloat to a whole new level of cartoon like fluff, and it was then when my relationship with my belly began to change.

It was then when I began to see how the concentration of energy, the negative thoughts and beliefs about how my body should or should not be were causing me harm and unnecessary pain. They were robbing me of the peace that me and my body deserve.

I believe that Brahmacharya is a practice more important now than if not ever. In a world of comparison within a culture that glorifies perfection and over production, we must become more familiar with the use of our energy, both outward and inward. Our energy is precious and must be honored as it fuels the lives we seek to live.

Today I’m making a conscious effort to be aware of the thoughts that may have turned into limiting or hurtful beliefs. I’m embracing the beauty of a healthy gut, fluff or no fluff, baring my truth to the world. I commit to making a conscious choice to use my energy to serve my higher and perfectly imperfect self.

Photo Credit: @jodyconesmedia

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