Sarah Cunningham
Phone: (773)499-9240

I am a therapist. 
For the past 11 years I have been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in an effort to empower children, teens, and adults and to support them in attaining individualized therapeutic goals.

I am a yoga instructor. 
I teach a variety of formats including Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpt, and Therapeutic Yoga.  I teach groups, individuals, families, schools, parents, and teachers.

I am a business owner. 
I own a health clinic called Whole Family Inc. where we provide mental health services to children, families, couples, and individual adults.  I also own a yoga studio called Whole Life Wellness Studio where we offer a variety of health and wellness services including yoga, therapeutic yoga, workshops, and more. Last but surely not least, I am Co-founder of CASA Wellness where my business partner and I provide health minded trainings and classes in schools, corporations, and for private events.  Visit the website link above to learn all about our mind, body, soul CASA Cleanse.

I am a writer. 
I have a blog and an Instagram account that are inspired by my personal and professional experiences.  Inspired by my work and world travel, I combine both the Western and Eastern healing approaches of psychotherapy, yoga, and nutrition into what I write.

I am an educator.  
I'm passionate about empowering people with information.  I seek to provide skills and resources that allow my clients and students to feel successful independently from both myself and our work. Education topics include healthy eating and lifestyle practices as well as healing modalities that pull from both Western and Eastern approaches.  I provide these services in schools, at the Whole Life Wellness Studio, and during private individual or group work.

I am a healer.  You are too.
I have spent a lifetime healing myself and in the
process have found that my own healing has reminded others that they can do the same.  I believe we were all born with the ability, the innate expertise we need, to heal ourselves.  But like many, we have just forgotten how.